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Single Payer Health Insurance

A single payer health system is a financing arrangement where one entity, such as the government, would collect all health care fees and pay all health care costs. Right now, there are thousands and thousands of payers because of all the health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and third party billing agencies. The problem is that each organization has a different way of billing and paying, which can make health care very confusing.

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The benefits of a single payer health insurance system

Many people believe that a single payer health system means socialized medicine – but it doesn't necessarily have to mean that. Single payer health insurance is merely a means of streamlining the administrative duties of billing and paying, and it doesn't get involved in the actual care.

Additional benefits of single payer health care

  • You don't have to choose your doctor from a list of providers
  • All necessary services are covered, whether it's dental, vision, mental health, substance abuse, prescriptions, preventive care, etc.
  • It reduces paperwork and gives the government power to bargain for prescriptions in bulk, which will lower costs
  • Everyone will get the care they need when they need it, regardless of an individual's ability to pay

Single payer systems have worked well for other countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Taiwan. The United States already has a system that works as a single payer system with Medicare, so a transition to a single payer, universal health care system for all should be relatively smooth.

Until the United States decides whether or not to use a single payer system or some other method, you still need health insurance. And we can help! You just need to request a free quote for health insurance here, and we can help you navigate all the options available and get you free quotes so you can make an informed decision. It's that easy!

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